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Hello and a very warm welcome to my website. I am a painter and calligrapher fortunate enough to live and work from my studio in mid Devon, with glorious uninterrupted views to Dartmoor. This is a landscape which never fails to inspire me with its ever-changing moods and seasonal colours. I love the way in which the weather and the whole landscape can change so suddenly from a calm clear day with sunlight running along the hills to a rainy, windswept and sullen scene in a very short space of time; this drama is always different and is always inspiring for my work.

I work in watercolour and pencil mediums and compile and illustrate poems using calligraphy pens and inks. I am a left-handed calligrapher, (we are also known as scribes or illuminators) who works from the bottom of my work to the top. It may seem a little strange to those who are right-handed, but if you think about it, it stops us lefties from smudging our work as we go!

Living and working in a rural area, my work reflects this theme and I am constantly drawn to the countryside and nature for the majority of my influences. The poems are all compiled completely by hand, with no computer imagery or commercial fonts or lettering. The lettering is then complimented by adding hand- painted designs which suit the general feel of the work.

Once the designs are completed they are stored and printed as required.

Each print is hand signed by me for a personal touch to the print.

The prints are produced on acid free heavyweight paper and can be ordered either as prints ready for mounting and framing or can be supplied mounted on acid free conservation board mounts with backing board ready to frame.

I also have limited and open edition watercolour prints for sale with the quality as per the calligraphy prints.

Please view three sample prints below, or visit my prints page.

I hope you enjoy my work and thank you for visiting my website

Sample prints (click to enlarge)

A Fathers Advice